sense of time on time   


A design for time that manifests the enduring patterns between future free-will and past continuity.

references & inspiration
There is no such thing as repetition. Human beings cannot repeat. Every time you do something, you're in another state of mind. By the end of the piece, when something is repeated, you've gone on another journey - your eyes are different, your hand is different. It's almost like what happens in life. Falling in love at 16 is different to when you're older. You never repeat yourself, ever. And Pina never repeated herself.
- Julie Shanahan, dancer, Tanztheater Wuppertal, 1988 - 2015
To exist, change must be perceived as either temporary or minor. Every day will always be different from the last, but this difference must be experienced as a continuation to some continuity. Every day, the everyday must be Groundhog Day.
- Jack Self, Real Review 7, Critique of Everyday Life
After an hour of repetition, there is a minute of dance.
- Edmund de Waal on observing Wayne McGregor rehearsals