sense of time on time   


A design for time that reframes and reduces the local relativity of the present moment.

references & inspiration
Temporality in the universe is more like a patchwork of local temporalities and there's no such sense in a global present for the universe. This is surprising, shocking, and counter-intuitive, but it's a fact of nature. It's like the Earth that looks flat to us, but it's not, it's round. Once we digest this, that's fine. There's nothing dramatic in the absense of a universal 'now', but it's hard to adjust our intuition.
- Carlo Rovelli, Temporal Complexity, New Philosopher #22
We know that on Earth other species work to different beats. Insects are fast moving and fast thinking. Plant life is painfully slow to our senses, but if you've ever watched a timelapse movie of plants growing, feeling, exploring, it's pretty obvious that they're up to all kinds of mischief under the cover of a different timescale. Interesting things could be happening on much more modest physical scales. For example, could the messy chemistry we see in fossil fuels on Earth - a smorgasbord of organic reactions, a seemingly tarry chaos - be simply a short-term view of a living system that functions across hundreds of millions of years?
- Dr. Caleb A. Schar, Life Unbounded