sense of time on time   


A view of time that surfaces the daily and seasonal fluctuations between the clarity of day and the mystery of night.

references & inspiration
Did you ever think that perhaps our minds are delicately calibrated between the known and the unknown? That our souls need the mysteries of night and the clarity of day?
- Dave Eggers, The Circle
Time moves in its own special way in the middle of the night. You can't fight it.
- Haruki Murakami
We have been conditioned to think of the darkness as a place of danger, even death. But the darkness can also be a place of freedom and possibility, a place of equality. We have much to learn about unknowing. Uncertainty can be productive, even sublime.
- James Bridle, New Dark Age
Only in the clear night of dread's Nothingness is what-is as such revealed in all its original overtness.
- Martin Heidegger, Existence and Being
For millennia before clocks, our only regular way of measuring time had been the alternation of day and night. The rhythm of day followed by night also regulates the lives of plants and animals. Diurnal rhythms are ubiquitous in the natural world. They are essential to life, and it seems to me probable that they played a key role in the very origin of life on Earth, since an oscillation is required to set a mechanism in motion. Living organisms are full of clocks of various kinds - molecular, neuronal, chemical, hormonal - each of them more or less in tune with the others. There are chemical mechanisms that keep to a twenty-four-hour rhythm even in the the biochemistry of single cells.
- Carlo Rovelli, The Order of Time
Humans are more likely to find food and shelter in the daytime and less likely to detect predators in the nighttime, meaning wakefulness tends to be most fruitful during the day and sleep is the safest activity for the nighttime. Therefore, changes in light and darkness influence the body to rise during the day and become fatigued at night.
- Wikipedia, Zeitgeber