sense of time on time   


A design for time that broadens our appreciation of non-numerical values of time.

references & inspiration
For over 2,000 years we have believed in the possibility of a single true account of the world. Now this age, the age of truth, is coming to a close. Instead of seeing the world as a thing, a universe, whose truth we might uncover through the procedures of science, we might instead regard the world as open and it is we who close it through our stories.
- Hilary Lawson, Closure. A story of everything.
The thing be say, in olden days, before before, music was a live thing! E go respond to life you no fit contain am! E no sweet for ear. Wetin happen be sey industrial revolution come come. People dey obsessed with time schedules, producing identical things, they started capturing music to put for boxes, to package time. But Africa, we no gree oh! That's reason why we say we'll come at one o'clock, but no go reach till three. Time cannot contain us. The padlock does not work! It's not the African way. No be true?
- Inua Ellams, Barber Shop Chronicles.