sense of time on time   

unison / phase / cannon

Time as a choreographed dance - in, between, and out of joint.

references & inspiration

Steve Reich's It's Gonna Rain is famous as a formal experiment in tape composition whereby two looped recordings of the same phrase are begun in unison, and over time, shift out of sync - or out of 'phase', to use Reich's terminology. The resulting repetition of word sounds amplifies natural speech rhythms and melodies, while language divides and multiplies into a collection of what Reich calls 'psychoacoustic fragments' - diverting the listener's attention away from narrative understanding towards a more heightened experience of the words-as-music. The content is thus, in a sense, inextricable from the form.
- Uzma Hameed, Migrating Histories
The time is out of joint - O cursed spite, That ever I was born to set it right.
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet